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My Sites

An Index to My Creations On the Web

These pages shamelessly designed for Version 4.0 browsers and up. Some are crafted in DHTML with CSS, JavaScript, and Java applets. Your mileage may vary - Enjoy!

Computers and the Web

Computer Taming - Consulting "Computer Taming" : Blatant Ad :-) for what I do as a computer consultant. Archived Original Site
Web Taming - Web Site Design "Web Taming" my Web Services site for my Web Design business.
Web Taming's Free 'Net Tools My "Web Taming's Free 'Net Tools" and webmaster tutorials site.
Peter's Web Rings Home Page "Peter's Web Rings Home Page": I'm a RingManger/Master too!
CocoaNuts Open Source Group Portal "COSGroup Portal": CocoaNuts Open Source Group. - Alternate Site (if it's down).
CocoaNuts BSD User Group "CocoaNuts BUG": BSD User Group.
CocoaNuts Linux User Group "CocoaNuts LUG": Linux User Group.

Lifestyle Oriented

Peter's Web "Peter's Web": another personal page featuring my Photo Gallery.
Living the Cruising Life "Living the Cruising Life" aboard my Tanzer 7.5 "Pocket Yacht"  sailboat.
* "Documents Décoratif" : A tribute to Alphonse Mucha and Art Nouveau.
Blessed Be One of my early Personal Home Page's. -  (Wayback Machine: Blessed Be )

Community Oriented

Cruising Cocoa and the Indian River with Capt. Pete "Cruising Cocoa and the Indian River"
* "New York's Capital District" : Albany, Schenectady and Troy, NY.
* "Living in Lake County" : The premier site for Lake County, California.
* "Middletown, California" : Take a look at a small western town (archived). (Wayback Machine: Original Site , 1st Anniversary 2nd Anniversary )
* "Shop Middletown" : A Regional Mall for the Middletown Merchants Association (archived). (Wayback Machine: Original Version ; 2nd Version )

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