In 2003, summer begins
 June 21, 3:10 PM.

The "Lazy Days of Summer" are the time to start planning for all of the fun things you and yours can do during summer vacation. The Summer Solstice, sometimes known as Midsummer, Litha, or St. John's Day, occurs in the middle of June. It is a celebration of the longest day of the year and the beginning of Summer. It has been a grand tribal gathering time since ancient times. The Goddess manifests as Mother Earth and the God as the Sun King. Colors are Yellow, Green, and Blue. It is a festival of community sharing and planetary service. Lammas July 31("Loaf mass", also called Lughnassad, "Commemoration of Lugh"; August Eve) The First-Fruits of the Harvest, and as such a day of giving thanks - but also one of sacrifice as the God-King becomes a willing sacrifice to ensure the success of the next planting season.

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