Table of Contents

  1. Isn't Tantra just a mechanical act, deprived of the true feeling of love?
  2. Is it necessary, for the successful practice of Tantra, that our Partner also practice Tantra?
  3. Is Tantra more difficult compared to some other self-development methods, such as TM for example?
  4. Since the man doesn't ejaculate, does that mean the woman has more orgasms and the man none?
  5. Don't Tantric practices distrub the natural course of events such as the man's ejaculation?
  6. How reliable are Tantric contraceptive methods?
  7. How much time is necessary to master the Tantric exercises?
  8. Is the practice of Tantra dangerous?
  9. Isn't a premature rise in Kundalini energy dangerous?
  10. What is the difference between the Indian and Chinese traditions of Tantra?
  11. In Tantra, isn't a woman only a means for the development of the man?
  12. What does Tantra have to say about morality?
  13. What are the characteristics of an ideal life partner according to Tantra?
  14. What does Tantra say about the frequent changing of sexual partners?
  15. Is it necessary to meditate if one wants to practice Tantra?
  16. Isn't the withholding of semen damaging to the prostate gland?
  17. Is Tantric sex really the answer for all problems?
  18. How effective are the Tantric exercises for removing menstrual problems?
  19. Do Tantric exercises improve the man's sexual potency?
  20. What's the Tantric view on sensory pleasures?
  21. What is the relationship between Tantra and physical health?
  22. What does Tantra have to do with spirituality?

Isn't Tantra just a mechanical act, deprived of the true feeling of love?

For the presence of the feeling of love, a strong physiological basis is necessary. Every thought in our head and every feeling must have its physical support in the body. If we are weak, ill, under stress, and nervous, we are not able to love. Then we think only about ourselves, about satisfying our own needs and the attention we require of our environment. We are able to love only when we feel healthy, strong, full, self-assured, and our basic needs are satisfied. Then we are able to give and to accept others. Love is the ability to accept the opposite.

Classic sex, as it is practiced in the West, weakens the physiological basis for love. After ejaculation the man loses interest in the woman. It's because of the cessation of the erotic charge, induced by the presence of a high level of sexual hormones in the body. By repeating sexual intercourse over a longer period, the sexual interest of a person grows weaker and weaker. When, in the conversation, I used to ask my clients about the quality of their sexual intercourse, most often the answer would be: "Oh, before getting married, it was great!" After 10 - 15 years of marriage, sexual intercourse with the spouse usually stops being interesting. It becomes a matrimonial duty. People remain in marriage not because of mutual love, but because of children, or for economic reasons. With the lapse of years, love has literally flown out. The man, at least subconsciously, feels constantly exhausted by sexual intercourse with his wife. The woman, for her part, feels that she doesn't experience that fullness she could have in the intercourse if only her man would know how to make it possible for her. In this way, dissatisfaction between partners keeps on growing. Due to lack of insight into the real cause, and the lack of knowledge that sex can be different, the dissatisfaction is being justified by thousands of other everyday trifles. The real cause of dissatisfaction is absence of bliss consciousness.

Tantric sex strengthens the physiological basis for love. Since the man doesn't lose energy by sexual intercourse and doesn't become exhausted, his erotic charge towards his partner grows stronger and stronger. After finishing intercourse, the partner is still extremely interesting and attractive. Since the man accumulates more and more energy in every intercourse, his erotic charge also grows. That means that his interest and love for his partner also grows. The woman, for her part, achieves much more fulfilling experiences of orgasm in Tantra intercourse. She feels completely fulfilled and satisfied, and this satisfaction extends into everyday life. Since her partner is the one who makes this ecstasy possible for her, her respect and love for that man grows. In this way, the love relationship of the Tantra couple grows stronger and deeper with the lapse of time. The basis for this love is a constant common growth. Constant common broadening of awareness. Constant common deepening of ecstasy which expands into everyday life, and whose basis is common strengthening of physiology. When consciousness is pervaded by ecstasy, everyday events don't cause problems any more. Common life flows in harmony. The fastest possible growth and development of man's full potential is enabled.

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Is it necessary, for the successful practice of Tantra, that our Partner also practice Tantra?

When someone has acquired the skill of managing the energies of Tantric sex, and is stable in it, they can achieve ecstasy with every partner, it doesn't matter if the partner practices Tantra or doesn't know about it at all.

In the beginning though, when someone is just learning how to govern these energies, there is an enormous advantage in having the co-operation of a partner. Without this co-operation it will be very difficult to master sexual reactions and redirect the energies up. It is ideal if we have a constant partner who understands us completely and is ready to support us, and wants to develop together with us.

There is one difference in the ability of man and woman to reach ecstasy with an unskilled partner. This difference results from the woman's far greater sexual potential and her quality of receptivity. Even a woman who is not instructed in Tantra is capable of enjoying intercourse for a long time, to accept a man and to conduct powerful energies if they develop.

The man, trained in Tantra, will, without great difficulty, realize the usual state of ecstasy with almost every partner. But, since an unskilled man will not be able to bear strong excitations, he will probably ejaculate too soon, which means that a woman trained in Tantra will not easily find a partner who can satisfy her. And this means that she must be very skillful, attentive and patient, in order to enable her untrained partner to follow her on her way to ecstasy. The woman is spontaneously able to develop through her feelings and sexuality. The man still has to develop this capacity.

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Is Tantra more difficult compared to some other self-development methods, such as TM for example?

First, it's not necessary to practice Tantra exclusively over any other self-development method. If you want an intense personal development and development of consciousness thorough Tantra, pay attention also to a regular diet, physical exercise, a healthy daily routine and so on. You should also practice some form of meditation and breathing exercises.

Sexuality is another aspect of life that can be refined, and by means of which we can come closer to the Self. There is no reason to neglect it because we already practice some other self-development method. Or, just the interest in self-improvement, expressed by practicing other methods, can also be the reason to integrate our own sexuality into our own personal growth.

Concerning breathing practices, I recommend Re birthing and Cobra Breath. Out of many different meditation forms, the practice of Transcendental meditation, since it is scientifically the most verified, and owing to its simplicity and to the fact that it's not burdened by dogmatism, is the most acceptable for the greatest number of people. Transcendental meditation is really a very natural technique, easy to learn and requiring no effort.  Experiences of calming the mind and expanding the awareness, to which TM leads us, are innate to all of us and extremely pleasant.

The man, who meditates regularly, gradually comes into contact with his own nature. However, there appears to be a problem that doesn't have much to do with meditation, but more with the orientation of Western man. An enormous number of people learn to meditate, and are satisfied with the results, but after a short time, they stop the practice.

The reason for the cessation is not that meditation doesn't work, but that they are too busy with other activities, and that they have no time! Western man simply has not developed the habit of sitting with eyes closed and being absorbed in himself. Meditation is excellent, if we take the time and practice it! But how do we get a Western man to sit quietly twice a day, doing nothing? Most people don't find that attractive at all.

But sex is something we are all already engaged in, more or less actively. There is not a single cell in our body that is not sexual by its nature. A natural instinct guides the sexual activity. If it is not blocked by social norms, it is being expressed spontaneously and effortlessly, and it is extremely pleasant.

So, it is simply necessary to teach people how to draw the maximum out of that, in which they are already engaged. Man naturally aspires to pleasure. He can be taught how to maximally intensify that pleasure. The climax of pleasure is bliss, and bliss is the essence of life. Through intensifying pleasure to its extreme value, we touch the infinite value of life. By repeating this experience we begin to live in the incessant ecstasy of our essential nature. 

It's true that a lot of time has lapsed, during which we have let our sexual energy empty out and down. We experienced sexual charge as a tension, and the habit is created to free it by ejaculating. In the same way as we, in order to meditate, should restrain our habit of moving our attention outwards and turn it inwards, so with Tantric exercises we redirect the movement of the sexual energy. But while meditation is, for the majority of people in our culture, a completely new type of behavior, making love is a common thing.

That's why I believe that personal growth thorough sex is more acceptable and more attractive. A certain persistence and patience are necessary in order to fully master sexual energies in Tantra, but since we perform this practice using a way we already enjoy, it's easier to continue in the practice.

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Since the man doesn't ejaculate, does that mean the woman has more orgasms and the man none?

Ejaculation and man's orgasm are not the same thing. Research shows that more than 60, and maybe more than 80 percent of women don't experience orgasms. Still, it seems that nobody is researching the percentage of men who never experience orgasm in sexual intercourse. Or, in what percentage of intercourse do men experience it. It would probably be found that most men simply have a feeling of the release of tension and don't feel any ecstatic experience that might follow the ejaculation. So, ejaculation is a physical experience, while orgasm is experienced on an energy level. They are different phenomena and can be experienced independently from each other. This is also shown by men who sometimes experience orgasm by ejaculation, and sometimes not. It is possible to experience orgasm also without ejaculation.

In Tantric sex the woman has great advantages from the very beginning. Relaxation and surrendering are necessary for the expansion of consciousness and a free energy rise. Women already have a great deal of this quality of surrender, and most cultures emphasize it even more. Also, from the very beginning of the Tantric exercises, the woman can relax completely. She doesn't have to control anything. She only conducts the awakened energies. For this conducting, it is enough to relax and surrender. That's why, as soon as man's energy charge rises higher, the woman induces a correspondent charge, and she easily has strong ecstatic experiences.

In the beginning stages of the Tantric practice, a man is in a somewhat worse position. For a long time, the habit is to waste energy, to let it go down and out. This habit is ingrained in the whole mechanism of the physiology. Tantra requires the removal of this habit and the habituation of the psycho physiological system to conduct the energy inside and up. It requires certain training. It requires control and discipline. It is, in a way, contrary to the relaxation that helps the expansion of consciousness, but it is necessary in order to overcome the old habit.

Simultaneously with the overcoming of the habit of a downward energy course, there is also a process of purification of energy channels in the body that enable an undisturbed upward moving of energy. When the old habit has been overcome, the energy channels purified enough, and the habit of rising energy created, control is no longer necessary. Then the man can also relax and surrender to the flows of energy. These free energy flows in the state of relaxation will then initiate in him the experiences of orgasm without ejaculation. But this orgasm is not just a short blissful experience. It can last much longer. With practice and purification of the energy channels, duration of that orgasm can be extended to infinity. Finally, this free energy flow and the ecstasy caused by it should be continually present in everyday life, twenty-four hours a day.

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Don't Tantric practices disturb the natural course of events such as the man's ejaculation?

The range of the natural is much broader than the range of the habitual. The possibilities of the human body and of the human nervous system are much larger than we usually utilize. Psychological researches show that an average person uses only two to three percent of his mental potential. Is that natural? Most people are not able to run a one mile distance without stopping, but every athlete can do it. What is natural? An athlete simply uses potentials of the human body that most people don't.

If a child grows up in the wilderness among animals, it is not able to speak, nor can it read or write. Still, in most cultures, literacy is a common thing. But it is gained only in the environment of human culture. Is then literacy something unnatural? Evidently, human culture stimulates the expression for some human capabilities that couldn't be developed outside this culture. But we can't call these capabilities unnatural.

It is same with Tantric culture. It offers certain knowledge about the functioning of our physiology. By applying that knowledge we change the functioning of our body. But it is still within the range of activity of our own body, within the range of nature's activity. What can be out of the realm of the natural? By applying Tantric techniques we discover the capabilities of the body, which are usually not being utilized. Thereby we expand the range of using our natural abilities. Instead of continuing to use only two to three percent of our potentials, we expand it in the direction of 100 percent. The multitude of phenomena that we experience today in our culture as common would have been, in the last century, regarded as unnatural. Tantric skills affect the natural behavior of our body, like any knowledge offered by cultures different from ours.

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How reliable are Tantric contraceptive methods?

Among Tantric techniques we have those which enable the control of conception on the part of the man, and those applied by the woman. The man can, with practice, develop the ability to ejaculate or not as he wishes. So, this process ceases to be an automatic reaction of the body. The man can choose the time of ejaculation, or he can choose not to ejaculate at all. The same applies to ejection of seminal liquid before the real ejaculation. A trained man is a hundred percent reliable.

Woman can also control conception. It is made possible by exercises that give control over the process of ovulation. If she doesn't want a pregnancy, the woman can prevent the unnecessary creation of the ovum. The woman can, according to her wishes, postpone the ovulation until the time she wants to conceive. In this way enormous energy is being saved. Complete mastery over this method requires a longer period of time. When the woman has once gained control over ovulation, this contraceptive method is completely reliable. Such an approach to one's own physiology can, in the beginning, be foreign to many women. We are used to thinking that regular ovulation and menstruation are a sign of good health. Willing interference in such processes can appear risky. But when a woman has started practicing this method, has experienced how much better she feels, and when she has gained an insight into the benefits of these exercises, she gradually gets used to the idea that she can regulate the processes of ovulation and menstruation at will.

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How much time is necessary to master the Tantric exercises?

Tantric exercises for men and for women are themselves very simple, and everybody can perform them without any difficulty. The point is in redirecting the energies through certain messages, contraction of specific muscular groups, breathing patterns, body positions and so on. All the exercises are easily learned and most of them can be performed perfectly from the very beginning.

The time needed for a complete mastery over sexual energies is something different. It is, of course, above all, up to the individual, and it depends on many circumstances. For some people, a few months will be sufficient; some others will need a few years. Women can achieve very satisfying results much faster than men can, especially because they can be completely relaxed from the very beginning and because they have developed an ability to grow through emotions and sexuality.

In every case, we can perceive the results of the exercises from the very beginning. Both exercises done by men and women alone and those done as partners. Exercises for the removal of menstrual difficulties show results after two to three weeks of regular practice. Women's exercises for directing orgasm can also show an effect very quickly. Men's exercises done on one's own immediately raise the level of physical and psychic energy, and create good mood and enthusiasm. Concerning the exercises done by the man during intercourse, if he manages to prevent ejaculation at least in one of two intercourse's, or at least postpones it, there is already a 50 % improvement. So here also the results appear at the very beginning. Energy and ecstasy grow in time, and increase with every intercourse. Thereby grow enthusiasm and zeal in everyday life.

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Is the practice of Tantra dangerous?

The practice of Tantra isn't any more dangerous than driving a car. Driving a car, even crossing a street includes some danger, and people sometimes die, but we don't stop doing it. Instead, we try to be more cautious. The advantages are incomparably larger than the potential danger, and the number of people who perish in this way is proportionally small.

With the proper caution, meaning a balanced life without extreme straining of mind and body, there are no dangers from the practice of Tantra. If we pay attention to healthy food, don't consume unnecessary toxins, and if we relax regularly from everyday stresses, we can safely grow with Tantra. It's true that Tantric texts say that the Tantric practice is "Riding a tiger" and "Walking on the knife's edge". Since the sexual instinct is one of the most powerful forces in man, mastery over these forces is certainly a significant undertaking.

In the past, the whole process of redirecting energy and raising kundalini was connected with greater dangers than it is today. That, which is dangerous in the process of raising energy, are the blockages and the impurities in the body. If the energy starts moving, and its path is not free, tension will be created, which can cause certain disturbances in the functioning of the body. But if the path is free, the energy will flow freely and no disturbances are created.

We see today that the knowledge about the possibility of the development of consciousness is widely available. There is an abundance of self-development methods. Probably never in the history of mankind has such a great number of people been consciously engaged in their own development. Experience of higher states of consciousness has become a very frequent and common phenomenon. Many people can tell something about their own experience of the rising of the kundalini energy. It shows that the human physiology is generally more pure than it was in the last centuries. People reach much higher states of consciousness even without any special exercises. Human physiology is much more prepared today for these experiences than ever before. That's why the awakening of kundalini energy is not so dangerous as it was heretofore considered to be. That's the result of the overall evolution of mankind.

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Isn't a premature rise in Kundalini energy dangerous?

Kundalini energy awakening is a natural physiological process, which is the basis of the development of higher states of consciousness. Timely awakening means that the body is freed from various physical and psychical impurities and blockages. Otherwise, these blockages hinder smooth energy flows in our psychophysical system. When the energy channels are pure, and there are no obstructions to the energy flow, the Kundalini rise presents no dramatic experience.

Problems can be expected in the case that the energy channels are not completely passable. The intensified energy flow would, in such a situation, cause a sort of friction, i.e. create some tension. In the case that the energy flow is completely broken, such a friction or tension can cause certain physical or psychical disturbances.

But, the increased quantity of energy in the body has also a purifying effect. This energy tries to remove the impurities standing on its way. That's how it itself frees the way for its further undisturbed moving. So, in a normal case, the awakening of the kundalini automatically rearranges the body and structures it in such a way that it can without forcing conduct this new affluence.

More permanent, in other words, a real problem, arises only in the case that the awakening of the kundalini is forced. If one adopts certain yoga techniques for kundalini awakening, without paying attention to maintaining the inner purity of the body and to a healthy daily routine, problems can arise. Such cases are very rare. But they are also very dramatic, and that's why, when they appear, they attract lot of attention of the environment. Due to the dramatic nature of such forced experiences, one speaks about rising of kundalini as of a dangerous and frightening experience, undesirable for a common man. The usual, natural rising of kundalini, causing no unpleasant phenomena, and which is much more frequent, is not much spoken of. Since it is experienced as a pleasant and not a tiring experience, and since it is not dramatic, one doesn't have anything to talk about. That's why the environment doesn't notice such experiences.

In the Tantra practice of the left hand, along with the kundalini energy rise, we have a natural valve. Kundalini is in this case, stimulated by sexual excitement. In the case that the energy channels are not passable enough for the increased influx of energy, there will be a greater sexual excitement, and the person will automatically empty the surplus of energy through ejaculation or a clitoral orgasm. Besides, there are some breathing methods that help to release a surplus of energy. In order to speed up our development and to enable the body to conduct freely the increased energy awakened by the Tantra practice, it is recommended to pay attention also to the refinement of other aspects of life.

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What is the difference between the Indian and Chinese traditions of Tantra?

This knowledge has for thousands of years been present in India as well as in China. To tell the truth, there are some legends that claim that China is the origin of the left-hand path of Tantra. Human physiology being the same, and in the Tantra practice we deal above all with the control of the physiology, the fundamental exercises used in the Indian and Chinese tradition are the same. The differences can be seen in some less important practices.

The Chinese tradition emphasized an individual approach, a detailed following of the energy processes in the body and stimulation of some energetic points. The Indian tradition was more occupied with the influences of sound, of geometric forms and with the intensifying energy through collective practice. Techniques that we give in our seminar are basic psycho physiological techniques. They are not bound to a specific tradition.

The Tantra teachings themselves predict that the form of exposing Tantra will be modified in the course of centuries and millenniums, in accord with the needs of a specific culture. So the basic Tantra seminars emphasize the procedures which every person can turn into practice and immediately experience its effects. The residence courses enter somewhat deeper into the Tantra tradition, still holding on to the practical level.

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In Tantra, isn't a woman only a means for the development of the man?

Man and women are biologically and energetically one body. They can't survive without each other. In a Tantra relationship, this unity is maximally expressed. In a Tantra relationship man and woman are like communicating vessels. The energy initiated in one partner is immediately transmitted to the other. The awakening of energy, its rising and spreading and broadening of awareness occur at the same time in both partners. A woman is a means for the development of a man as much as a man is a means for the development of a woman. The development of the one means also the development of the other.

The idea that the partner's benefit, or generally other people's benefit is not our own benefit is a limitation that we acquired somewhere during our growing up. Such ideas are not present in the Tantra approach to life. Growth and development of my environment definitely mean my own growth. The benefit of others' is also my own benefit. In a Tantra relationship, this common benefit, this common growth is the most direct experience. Love and respect for a partner continually grow because we experience that our partner is just the one who makes possible our personal growth. As they come closer to the self, the partners come closer to each other.

The development through Tantric sex is a fantastic idea of the Creator. All this is already naturally ingrained in a man a woman and us. A man and a woman are here with the ingrained desire and need for union. No discipline or effort of will is necessary. Surrendering to that union is enough to raise them to God consciousness.

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What does Tantra have to say about morality?

Tantra is not occupied with what should be, but with what is. Tantra deals with facts. Tantra accepts every person on the level where he is and instructs him in the ways to connect this situation with the absolute value of life. Tantra says: "Whatever may be the cause of one's fall, it can be the means of his rise!" So Tantra doesn't set any moral rules. Right is what makes us come closer to the Self. Wrong is what removes us from the Self. If we feel that an act degrades us, that it makes us unhappy, that it binds and tightens us, even if it apparently doesn't do any harm to others, or if it initially seems to do good to others, and restricts us, it is evident that we do wrong. Wrong is everything that reduces awareness. Approaching to the Self means broadening of the awareness. This is the ultimate and the supreme criteria of the right or wrong of an act.

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What are the characteristics of an ideal life partner according to Tantra?

An ideal life partner is a person who always inspires growth in us, in all aspects of life. If we are in the same time also a perpetual inspiration for him in the same sense, then we can speak of an ideal relationship. People often talk about love, but for real love, we are only able to experience it in the state of fullness, in the state of the Self-realization.

Before the realization of Fullness, what attracts us to another person is the need for growth. Growth is a sequential satisfying of person's needs, from basic physiological needs to the need for self-cognition. What people usually call love is, in fact, an attempt to satisfy their needs. When we meet a person who seems to be able to fulfill our current needs in the given moment, we feel attracted to this person and we sometimes call that love. But when certain needs are satisfied other needs appear. If the same person is able to satisfy these new needs too, the relationship may continue with the same dynamism. But if it's not the case, we start to stagnate, we don't feel that we're making any progress, we are unhappy, and if we are enough self-conscious, we break this relationship and enter into another.

Growth, evolution, is the basic natural law. If we don't live according to this law, we suffer. The situation that two people can continually grow together is rare. The most frequent situation is that in which after a short period of growth and enthusiasm, both people stagnate and suffer for a very long time. By creating bliss consciousness Tantra offers the possibility that the person whom we enter into the relationship with, is our ideal partner. Bliss consciousness is the basis for the maximum growth in all aspects of life. The person, who makes a gradual creation of bliss consciousness possible for us, deserves to be called an ideal partner.

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What does Tantra say about the frequent changing of sexual partners?

If we have a person we continually experience maximum growth with, why would we change her? If we are not with such a person, the natural tendency to grow and make progress will force us to look for her. If we, for various reasons, resist this tendency, we will be dissatisfied and will suffer. This applies to all aspects of life.

Concerning growth through sexual union, it's again ideal if we have a person who supports us fully in our aspirations and wants to grow and to develop together with us. It is desirable to have a permanent relationship with such a person. A maximum co-operation is the beginning stage of mastering sexual energy. Without the partner's support, the progress will be very slow. The basic criterion in deciding whom are we going to be with, and for how long, should be the satisfying of the need for growth. Morality has usually nothing to do with the growth. It is more in the service of control of freedom and growth. Right is what brings us nearer to the self. Wrong is what removes us from the Self.

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Is it necessary to meditate if one wants to practice Tantra?

The Tantra seminar is meant for people who are interested in an intense personal development, as well as to people who simply want to improve the quality of their sexual life, or to get rid of different problems and difficulties in this sphere. In order to attend a Tantra seminar it is not necessary to be already practicing some other self-development technique. Or, if we are already practicing some other technique, it is not an obstacle to attend the seminar and master the Tantra knowledge.

The psycho physiological techniques, given by the Tantra seminar are by themselves powerful enough to improve the quality of our life and to give everything that we need. It is not necessary to also practice meditation or some other method, if we are not interested in it. On the other side, it is true that, if we at the same time pay attention to refining other aspects of life, progress will be much faster.

Tantra exercises enable refinement of our sexual energies. Parallel with it, we can work on the refinement of our body, food, breathing, mind, feeling, intellect, environment, behavior, and so on. If we approach from more directions, our full potential will be developed quickly. Also, the refinement of different aspects of life contributes to the refinement of all other aspects. If we solve the inner traumas and blockages through meditation or some other form of breathing, it will have a beneficial effect on our ability to master our sexual energies. The progress in the Tantra exercises will be much faster that way.

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Isn't the withholding of semen damaging to the prostate gland?

This objection comes from western medicine. The idea is that semen will remain in the prostate gland if it's not ejaculated, and that the prostate will after every intercourse remain expanded for some time, which through repetition may cause problems with that organ and the functions connected with it. Tantra techniques also include some practices for strengthening the prostate gland. These exercises develop flexibility and the strength of the prostate gland and after every intercourse bring it back to the normal state. So, there is no danger that the prostate might be damaged. On the contrary, Tantric methods bring the prostate back to the optimal state and maintain it so.

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Is Tantric sex really the answer for all problems?

The cause of all problems is an inner weakness, lack of creativity. The cause of all negativity is the absence of bliss consciousness. Psychological research shows that an average person uses only two to three percent of his mental potential. It is as if we, instead of our whole body, use just the little finger. So it seems that the quality of our life is on the level of the little finger. Our desires, our intelligence, our feelings, aspirations, all are on the level of the little finger. It's no wonder that the whole of life is full of problems.

If a man uses only two to three percent of his potential, he is not mature. Whether the problems are on the level of the individual or the community and no matter what kind of problems whether these are health, economic, ecological, political, problems of education or of behavior, they indicate that this individual or community are weak, that they don't use their full creativity.

Tantra practice wakes up our dormant energies that, again, activate our latent potentials. Free increased currents of energy develop our creative abilities. One ceases to feel as a helpless victim in the chaotic world, and becomes capable of changing his circumstances in accord with his inner growth. The extended orgasm, realized by the partners through the practice of Tantra is a superior state of physiology that awakens all the healing forces of the body. This special physiological state is the basis for bliss consciousness, which continues in everyday life. That special psycho physiological state makes possible the solution to all the traumas and blockages.

In bliss consciousness there is no negativity. In this way we see that the Tantra experience makes possible the improvement of health, of social behavior and the enhancement of general creativity. When creativity is enhanced, the whole life blossoms. A method that enhances creativity is a method for removing of all problems.

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How effective are the Tantric exercises for removing menstrual problems?

Tantra exercises for removing menstrual problems are very simple and also very enjoyable. They require about ten-minutes a day. If they are practiced regularly, usual menstrual problems can be significantly reduced or completely eliminated in two or three weeks. For the alleviation of some extreme cases of menstrual difficulties, four or five weeks of regular practice may be necessary. The exercises are extremely efficient. They also create an ecstatic mood similar to that caused by orgasm. In the case a woman is without a partner for some longer or shorter time, these exercises help her to more comfortably pass through such a period.

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Do Tantric exercises improve the man's sexual potency?

Tantra exercises improve man's potential in many ways. There are some exercises that develop the hardness of the penis in erection, and some others that reduce its sensitivity, which makes possible the prolongation of sexual intercourse. Another type of practice strengthens the prostate gland, which also influences the strength of the erection and the ability to prolong intercourse. Energetic exercises through strengthening of energetic centers connected with sexuality directly influence the strength of the sexual impulse. The exercises that have as a direct goal the prevention of a reflex ejaculation make possible the prolongation of the intercourse at will.

And finally, the continual accumulation, instead of losing the energy with every intercourse, makes a man always interested in a woman, and ready for another sexual intercourse. In this way, the set of exercises strengthens the man's potential to an incredible measure, and not only maintains it on a high level but increases it with years. These exercises are efficient for the most diverse sexual problems, for young people as well as for elderly. The most frequent problem, which men complain about, is a premature ejaculation and the weakness of the prostate gland. Both of these difficulties can be solved through Tantric exercises.

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What's the Tantric view on senory pleasures?

Most spiritual systems discourage people from sexual pleasures, saying that it's experience is opposed to spiritual growth and to the cognition of God. It is argued that the fact sensory pleasures take the attention outward, and that the essence of life is inside, hidden deep within us. Besides, sensory pleasures are temporary and therefore they don't make for permanent happiness. Truth is that what doesn't change. So, sensory pleasures don't belong to the realm of truth.

The attitude of Tantra is that we can't deny the reality of experiencing temporary things. The temporary is as true as the permanent. Instead of refraining from pleasure, Tantra teaches to intensify the pleasure to the maximum extent. Maximum pleasure is bliss, and bliss is the essence of life. If we follow the pleasure, we come to more and more refined levels of creation, and eventually to the very source of all relativity. Here there is the greatest pleasure. Here we are closest to the Self. So, Tantra leads us, by way of following pleasure, to our true nature. Except in case of people, who are blocked by some heavy traumas, every body wants the sexual union and everybody wants to enjoy as much as possible. Tantra teaches us how to enjoy to the maximum that which we already do. That is why Tantra has the greatest chance to be widely accepted and practiced. That is why Tantra union is the most natural way to the Self.

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What is the relationship between Tantra and physical health?

There are many ways in which Tantra improves the health of the practitioners. The first effect is that created by specific exercises for men and women. These exercises improve the state of the genital apparatus, balance the hormones, and thereby improve the state of the whole body. Another beneficial effect on the human body and psyche is the one created through intense pleasure and the prolonged orgasm. It is important to bear in mind that in Tantra sex there is neither energy, nor emotional and physical fall, which is characteristic of classical sex. That is why the prolonged orgasm can show its full healing effect on every type of disorder.

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What does Tantra have to do with spirituality?

As soon as we remove blockages of energy from the body, spirituality is unavoidable. It is a great error to consider spirituality something strictly detached from the material and worldly. Actually, spirituality is the full potential of the worldly and material. When energy flows freely and undisturbed, through our psychophysical body, spirituality is there. When we are healthy, full of energy, full of zeal and enthusiasm, capable to create, to change things for the better, this is already spirituality. When the flow of energy is blocked, we feel weak and feeble, we feel victims of circumstances, and we are unsatisfied. When we raise the energy level and redirect the course of energy, spirituality is automatically there. Bliss, ecstasy, broadness of awareness, knowledge that we do what we are called for. Spirituality is an unavoidable consequence of the practice of Tantra.

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