Is Tantra Your Mantra? - An introduction to Tantric sex and the Kama Sutra.
Discover the ancient Eastern principles of lovemaking. Includes articles about and guides to tantra books and videos.
Church of Tantra
Details the origination and practice of Tantric Buddhism. Details the temples of Khajuraho, the Kama Sutra, and Tantra's renowned practitioners.
Tantra - The Magazine
Learn about the art and science of Tantra from the practitioners, writers and artists who contribute to this journal.
Tantric Balancing Through Massage - Massage Therapy
Involves manipulating the muscles and deep tissues to induce relaxation. Based upon the principles of tantric yoga and kundalini energy.
Kundalini Resource Center
Personal anecdotes and writings on kundalini, a form of meditative yoga. Meditation/visualization, reader experiences and links to tantra yoga and kundalini sites.
Kundalini Tantra
Guide to tantra offers articles on the Tree of Life, basic tantric rituals and meditations. Includes reading recommendations and links.
What is Tantra?
Peruse the transcription of a 1994 interview with Tantric master Prem Pranama which touches on the basic components of the Tantric path.
Transforming Tantra - Tibetan Buddhist Tantra
Essay by Leslie Emery investigates the gender of transformed consciousness and the transforming imagination in Tantric Buddhism.
MSN Encarta - Tantra
Encyclopedia article overviews this Buddhist and Hindu technique of increasing psychosexual energy.
Kosmik Tantra
Read creative poetry and writing and find a notebook of sketches at this esoteric exploration of science, spirit and mind.
Ancient Tantra
Describes the intaglio seals of Ancient Harappa, including those which depict Shiva. Also details the Mohenjo-Daro dancing girl sculptures.
International Buddhist Meditation Center - Tantra
Essay explores the shadowy origins of Tantric Buddhism, also known as Hindu Tantrism. Learn about the ten tantric elements.
Tantra - An Introductory Dialogue
Read the August 1997 GQ interview with certified tantra therapist Raymond Powers.
Tantra - Ron's Place
Ron Turner offers a brief introduction to the origins and precepts of Hindu and Buddhist Tantrism. - Tantra,5716,73059+1+71210,00.html
Online encyclopedia entry reviews the Tantra esoteric texts and their place in some Buddhist, Hindu and Jaina sects. Includes links.
Origin and History of Tantra
Indexed essay chronicles the origin and development of Tantra, including the branches such as Vajrayana Buddhism which came out of it.
MSN Encarta - Tantra
Find an encyclopedic entry defining tantra as a body of esoteric Hindu and Buddhist religious texts and rituals.
Traditional Tantra and Contemporary Neo-Tantrism
Essay, written by Georg Feuerstein, defines and examines Tantrism from Hindu and Buddhist perspectives.
Judaic Kabbalah and other Spiritual Paths
Essay delineates correspondences between the Jewish esoteric tradition, Sufism, and Tantra. Includes related links.
Hindu Tantrik Resources
Learn about the diverse and rich spiritual tradition of Tantra. Includes texts to this Hindu branch's sacred scriptures.
Tantric Buddhism
Describes the opposing beliefs regarding the body and desire in Tantric and Theravada Buddhism, and details the rituals and texts of Tantra.
Religious Studies E-Journals and Print Journals Online
Access dozens of journals including those on Buddhism, Tantra and Judaism. Includes links to other lists and journal networks.
Hindu Tantrik Home Page - Meditation
Peruse this British resource on tantra and related yoga, texts, images and meditations. Find links to related pages.
Interview on Lama'i Naljor
Ngak'chang Rinpoche explains why Lami'i Naljor is the most important practice of Tantra and the Dzogchen.
Doctrine of Vibration, The
Mark S.G. Dyczkowski is the author of this essay, which outlines themes common to Kashmir Shaivism and the Hindu tantras.
Antiquity of Tantrism
Furnishes a history of the Tantras, suggesting they were originally developed by Dravidians and were then systematized by the Aryans.
Oceanic Tantra - Maui, Hawaii
Oceanic Tantra - Maui, Hawaii Explore the World of Oceanic Tantra by clicking the buttons on the left in each area: The Sounds of Magic, Ritual and Love... Raphael and Kutira have created a sonic universe in which the natural merges with the superna
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Tantra and other forms of Sacred Sex
Other Pagan/Wise Traditions Tantra and other forms of Sacred Sex Tantra is only the most widely known of the magickal traditions that use sexual energy to power magick. Unfortunately information on these subjects tends to be hard to find. Abhidhyan
Tantra, an Encarta Encyclopedia Article Titled "Tantra"
Tantra , body of esoteric religious texts and rituals in Hinduism and Buddhism. The Hindu Tantras are usually in the form of a dialogue between the god Shiva and his female companion Parvati. Tantri