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Reviews of Adult Graphic Novels

[cover] The Xxxenophile Collection:
Volume One

Foglio, Phil, et al.
Xxxenophile Books

The Xxxenophile Publishing Saga continues!  Xxxenophile Books is reprinting the first few issues of Xxxenophile in book form, and this is the first volume.   Includes an exceptionally cute new story, "Wet Dreams".

[cover] Hydrophidian
Manning, Michael

The long-awaited sequel to the wonderful first work, The Spider Garden, Hydrophidian centers on the doings of the Water Snake Clan, who are expecting the return of one of their members from the court of Shaalis, Androgyne of the Spider Garden.

[cover] Cathexis
Manning, Michael

This wonderful retrospective of Michael Manning's early work (1987 onwards) contains some of the most intriguing things he's done.  The strips and short stories here are fascinating experiments with ways of telling stories with pictures.

[cover] Gullivera
Manara, Milo

A reworking of the classic Gulliver's Travels, only with Honey (or her twin) as the wandering hero.  As usual, more time is spent on the Lilliputians, but the other 3 kingdoms are also included.  A nice take on the subject, with the lightest possible touch of perversity, but more as an aside than as the main theme.

[cover] Hidden Camera
Manara, Milo

Another lovely excursion from Manara. A somewhat-hapless crew of filmmakers, trying desperately for the Big Hit, attempt all manner of "Candid Camera" scenarios...  and none of the them turn out quite they way they had planned.  Erotic (of course), tragic, comic, and visually lovely.

[cover] Trip to Tulum
Manara, Milo & Fellini, Federico
Catalan Communications

A featherweight Satyricon, amusing and the art is rendered with amazing fluency.

[cover] The Mad Woman of Sacre-Coeur
Moebius (Jean Giraud) and Jodorowski
Dark Horse Comics

(La Folle du Sacre-Coeur - English Edition.) Moebius has received national honors for his art and his work hangs in French galleries.

[cover] In Search of Druuna: Obsession
Serpieri, Paolo Eleuteri
Heavy Metal

"Obsession" is a great name for this book; Druuna has one of the most rabid followings of any fictional character ever.  This is a collection of sketches and excerpts from the various Morbus Gravis books that feature Druuna.  If you are one of the people who fancies her, this collection is a must-have.

[cover] Druuna X
Serpieri, Paolo Eleuteri
Diva Graphics

This large-format, hardbound book from Diva Graphics is a series of sketches and notes from the author all about Druuna - how she stepped from the waves and became the curvaceous heroine she is today.

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