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 Last Updated: Wednesday, October 04, 2006 02:56:52 PM
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Art on the Net
Online Studio showcasing various artists work.
This site establishes a much needed platform for Web specific content in which contemporary artists can discourse with the Internet community. Hot and cold, soft and hard, glaring and subtle, Adaweb encompasses the entire spectrum in one cohesive design providing an electronic forum for experimental artists to display the fruits of their labor.
Communication Arts
Communication Arts, "the essential creative resource," is a professional print journal for graphic designers and others in the visual arts. Communication Arts' primary function is to showcase the best in design from around the world. This site is also packed with resources for designers "to enhance their work and careers and [serve as] a catalyst for bringing community to visual communicators around the world."
The Digital Photography Exhibit
The Digital Photography Exhibit is a juried show created by artists working in digital photography. Defined by the jury as "a two-dimensional image which originated in a lens-imaging device (that) was then brought to completion on a computer," digital photography includes images originally captured by analog film cameras, video cameras, still-video cameras, digital cameras, and 3D-scanners.



Levi's, the company that invented blue jeans, and it's trademark product are as American as apple pie and baseball. Levi's very big, very engaging Web site is a multimedia extravaganza that goes all-out in an effort to attract folks to it's online promotional effort. The history section, laid out along a timeline, shows, at a glance, when copper rivets were introduced, say, (1873) or when belt loops became a fixture of American fashion (not until 1922).
M&M's Studios
It's a brilliant production, really, and sure to delight the kids. The home page is a parody of "Variety," Hollywood's industry newspaper. It's covered with clickable articles about the red, yellow, and blue animated M&M's from the TV commercials. The "Lab" section of the site is devoted to three Shockwave games, which aren't exactly groundbreaking but are well-programmed and fun. To enter the "Lab," you have to enter your year of birth in a form field. If you are too old, your access will be denied.
Former Matchbox owners will do lots of reminiscing as they cruise around this site, but that's just a pleasant by-product of the experience. The real draw is all of the great cars and tracks, from the Matchbox Originals to the Torque Spin Racers that run on towering three-feet tall Zero G tracks. You can even give the tracks a virtual test spin in the Zero-G VRML environment! Starting with the Mega-Showroom, you'll find four different product lines: the 1-75 Line, Super Rigs, Premiere Collection, and Originals. Should you be looking for a higher degree of interactivity, you can create your own personalized vehicle in the Custom Auto Body Shop. Other activities include the "Get in the Fast Lane Contest," where the Grand Prize Winner gets their name on a Matchbox model. There's also an Ask the Expert, FAQ, and Collectors' Links.
The Toro Company
The consumer product area is a well-designed candyland for anyone that occasionally likes to work in the earth, but with a lot of horsepower. There is an index of products that range from tractors to outdoor lighting. The section with tractors and snowblowers has a utility that will suggest the right tool for you, based on your answers to a questionnaire. The lighting section shows the many different styles of outdoors lights, and has a whole section on how to design a lighting plan. The yard care section features a virtual expert who you can offer advice about lawn maintenance. A number of documents, in official FAQ format, deal with grass, weeds, leaves, and pests.



A branch of the vast WWW Virtual Library project, ArchNet is a simple, elegant resource page for archaeologists, housed at the University of Connecticut. Like any good library, ArchNet has resources for everyone, from the curious child, to the student interested in a career in archaeology, to the professional archaeologist. ArchNet has a software archive for researchers; programs available include statistical applications, mapping software, even a program for analyzing arrowheads. Educators will find excellent links to course materials from the University of Connecticut, plus online tutorials, and information on college archaeology programs.
College Money Matters
This site from Signet Bank provides a pretty extensive overview of the whole higher education money game. Especially useful is the book "Don't Miss Out: The Ambitious Student's Guide to Financial Aid", which lays out the basics of finding funding and planning your finances over the long haul. Not only is the entire text presented online here, but it's updated for to coincide with the coming academic year. Electronic forms are provided for ordering student loan applications and the like. Also useful to the college hopeful is the Financial Aid Time Line, which gives a prescribed chronology for securing tuition dollars, a concise budgeting worksheet, some tips on managing your cash flow, and a brief tutorial on building credit. When you've exhausted the resources here, there's a page of associated links to keep your surfing on track.


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Geared to health care personnel as well as patients and their families, OncoLink was the first multimedia oncology (Cancer) resource on the Internet. In addition to it's extensive local content, there's a comprehensive list of links to journals and newsletters relating to cancer. Perhaps most useful to patients is the Psychosocial Support and Personal Experiences area, which focuses on ways to cope with cancer and loss. Visit the Financial Issues for Patients section to get comprehensive information about billing, insurance, and assistance programs. This site maintains links to studies under way at the University of Pennsylvania and the National Cancer Institute, among others. You can also discover the latest cancer-related conferences and meetings going on around the world.




Last Updated: Wednesday, October 04, 2006 02:56:52 PM