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 Last Updated: Wednesday, October 04, 2006 02:56:52 PM
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Updated! The Discovery Museums
A well done and a good example of how to promote a science museum. More than enough useful information about the logistics of the museum are readily available -- directions, hours of operation, phone numbers and special exhibit information. And the slide show tours offer a strong impression of what you might actually find if you visit the real-life museum.
Updated! Nye Labs Online
Bill Nye is the Science Guy. A former Boeing engineer-turned comedian-turned TV-host and science educator, he's the guy we all wish had taught us chemistry (or physics, or biology, or you name it) in high school. This site is packed with the kind of stuff that should have been in the curriculum back then, but wasn't -- or was, but was rendered about as interesting as leftover meatloaf by some well-meaning but soporific instructor. If its links you want, go to Web Search or have a look at Bill's Top Ten. Fans of the television show can check here for schedules and info on upcoming episodes. If you want to own some Nyeage for the home library, you'll find the Disney video series in the Nyestore.
The Why Files
A site co-sponsored by the The National Institute for Science Education and The National Science Foundation. Based on the simple notion of explaining the science behind the news, The Why Files integrates science into the day's events. The issues have been profiled (and archived) at the site, each one given a straightforward treatment, including contrarian viewpoints and links to other relevant sites on the Web. Each story also contains a bibliography and difficult words are hotlinked to glossary definitions. In the Sports section, you can quiz yourself on basic scientific principals as expressed in terms of sports. In Cool Science Image, you click on intriguing photos to explore the subject further.



Federation Internacionale de Football Association (FIFA)
The international governing body of the sport of soccer, FIFA oversees the world's single most popular sport. At the FIFA site you can educate yourself as to the sport's illustrious history while keeping up on the latest results of contests around the world. Women's soccer is prominently featured as are international junior competitions.
Total Baseball
For fans of the sport everywhere, Total Baseball is as good as it gets. This site is loaded with baseball history, baseball personalities, baseball stats, baseball everything. Like the paper volume by the same name, Total Baseball Online is the official encyclopedia of the national pastime. Adding value to the whole enterprise, the Web site allows you to join BBS discussions, post your questions to the editors, and subscribe to baseball-oriented newsgroups.



No Shitting in the Toilet
A self-declared "celebration of everything that is perverse about travel," this site will be a favorite with veteran travelers everywhere, right down to the scatological title. The creator of the site is an anonymous Aussie with incurable wanderlust and experience to spare. His observations on travel are wonderfully pithy; he's never self-indulgent, and the writing is full of hard-won wisdom and droll one-liners. "I defy anyone to gaze upon a plate of Ugali," he writes in a section on swindles, "and claim that they haven't been ripped off. Even if they got it for free." Inspired by an actual sign, hand-painted on a water closet somewhere in China, the title sums up the author's notion that "travel is never as you expect. You end up in situations that defy logical and rational thinking. Yet you end up having a brilliant time, not in spite of these situations, but because of them."
The Travel Channel
The travel Channel has it all; vacation ideas and recommendations, online chat forums, photo galleries, hot topics and of course links to other esteemed travel-related sites. Overall The travel Channel should amuse, entertain, and at times, enlighten with advise and interesting articles. It's a definite must for anyone who considers themselves a "traveler."


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Entropy8, the "labor of love and frustration" of Auriea Harvey, a young designer who just happens to be black and female, is a masterful example of Web design and digital self-expression. Thematically, the site is part riff on chaos, part private showcase. A section called "The Disease Manifesto" is an artful exploration of angst. The tone is dark but not despairing. Her family is prominently featured elsewhere on the site, in a disarmingly candid and dignified way. Some of the clan contribute their writings. In the end, this page is self-expression, plain and simple.




Last Updated: Wednesday, October 04, 2006 02:56:52 PM