M. T. (37 years, male)

"As a young man, I used to read a lot about different cultures and about the way their members make love. I didn't attach any great significance to it then, because it was not in accordance with what I was taught, and I didn't consider it to be good for me. I thought, only they can make love in such a way. I continued doing it in a classical way, I ejaculated. There were moments when I was so exhausted and without energy, that I wasn't able to do anything. I needed time to regenerate, and to regain life energy. My partner was not satisfied, because after lovemaking I wasn't able to communicate, nor anything else.

I was thinking about that problem, and wanted to solve it. I came to know about the Tantra seminar, and attended one, together with my partner. Everything has changed after that, our relationship has become better, we make love more often. I don't feel so exhausted and without life energy. It has changed because I don't ejaculate any more, so that I don't waste life energy, but energy remains in the body and grows. These are very simple techniques, easy to learn and apply, and the result is a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and fullness of life energy. After such a love making I feel rested relaxed and full of energy. Both my partner and I feel happier and more satisfied."

K. G. (32 years, female)

"I had my first sexual experience when I was 18. It was interesting and nice at the beginning, but when the curiosity was satisfied, I realized it was a very dangerous entertainment, because of the possibility of pregnancy, and without giving me anything special. I even felt abused. I lived without a partner during the next several years, because I found it impossible to reconcile the need for spiritual development with living together with somebody, and it seemed to me that a woman in such a relationship totally suffers a loss. Tantra sex offers something entirely new that cannot be realized through the classical sex. It is not "just a technique", but the life is being raised to a higher level, and the emotional relationship is deepening. I went also through the period of classical sex, with my present partner, with all those states of abstinence, which create tension and depression, and with another kind of depression - after sex. Only when we started practicing Tantra sex we felt that something was happening. The experiences became much subtler, like in meditation. I feel awakening of chakras; the genital chakra and the heart chakra begin to react in rhythm and to melt together. Sometimes I feel the flow of Soma nectar overwhelming my head, and the powerful energy flow in the crown chakra. A great feeling of bliss follows the contractions of the vagina muscle and by mental "seeing" of colors, which is actually the experience of all the senses. Making love in a Tantra way is a profound spiritual experience. The corporal feeling is no longer the goal of itself, but it leads to the refined states of consciousness, to the more refined breathing and vibrating in the common rhythm, to the flood of bliss and light, feeling of the tiny impulses of the body which give rise to the ecstasy in the heart and mind. Owing to the special exercises for women, the purpose of which is regulating the menstruation, I didn't feel any more, discomfort about it. The consequences are fantastic. There is no more painful energy loss and weakness. My blood is improved, and the need for taking food supplements is lessened. I think that Tantra is necessary to all the people involved in spiritual development that doesn't want to live in celibacy. Since I was in celibacy for a long time (8 years), I know that it can create a lot of tension, and even jeopardize the very spiritual progress made by yoga and meditation. Tantra sex can never become a routine, neither can it be done with half attention. A very intimate co-operation between partners is necessary, because the process is very delicate and subtle like "walking on the knife's edge". The process develops intuition and intimacy. Since I started practicing Tantra exercises for women, I often have a spontaneous "cosmic orgasm" outside the sexual intercourse. Another great advantage of Tantra sex is losing fear from undesired pregnancy. When the man completely gains mastery over ejaculation, this great inhibition, which hinders a complete enjoyment in sex and orgasm, disappears."

I. K. (28 years, female)

"I was unhappy from the very beginning of my sexual life because I was never able to have an orgasm. My present boyfriend was patient and kind, but with the time he became bored, because it seemed to him that all the efforts with me were in vain. I was afraid he was going to leave me because of that. When I came to know about Tantra, I thought it could help me. Still, I needed a lot of courage to decide to attend the course. I was persuading my boyfriend to go together with me. He resisted a lot in the beginning. He let me go, but he said he couldn't learn anything there. At last he agreed. The attendance of the seminar has disburdened me greatly, and has changed my attitude towards sexuality. I was out of myself and very happy when, after only a few weeks of practicing the exercises I learned there, I had my first orgasm. But my enthusiasm was still greater, when shortly after that, I felt this orgasm in all the body. Now I constantly have wonderful and always new experiences in my love life, and the relationship with my boyfriend is stronger and stronger. I must recognize he also contributed a lot, because with the exercises he got on the seminar, he manages to keep the erection much longer, so that I can relax more deeply."

M. C. (22 years, female)

"I have always had very painful menstruation. Already a few days before I would become irritated, and I had to be lying in bed almost all the time during the days of bleeding. I heard that on Tantra seminars some exercises are being given, which should eliminate those problems, so I decided to see what it is about. I doubted a little that my long-standing problems could be solved in such an easy way. But since it didn't take much time, I decided to try, and diligently performed every day the exercises I've learned. I was pleasantly surprised when after three weeks I realized that the period was approaching, but the habitual irritability was not there. During bleeding I was still felling some weakness, but there were no pains. I was delighted with the results. Unfortunately, during the next days I neglected the exercises, and the usual unpleasant symptoms appeared again. That's how I was convinced that it is something serious. Now I practice regularly a few minutes in the morning and in the evening. I have no more problems with menstruation. In the days of bleeding I feel as well as usually."

K. J. (38 years, male)

"I have always had problems with the premature ejaculation. After getting married, I devoted myself to the job so much that I didn't have much time for my wife and children. During the last few years we didn't make love at all. Only when my wife left me and took the children with her, I realized that something was wrong. I had remorse that I never gave her enough in sex, and that she has found a better man. With the Tantra exercises I managed to master my ejaculation, so that it's not a reflex act anymore. I feel more self confidence in contact with women, and in life generally."

L. S. (33 years, female)

"I have been practicing Tantra sex with my husband for about two years, and now I can say that it was really worth time. He initiated this great change in our love life, because he was always unsatisfied with sex. During this time he changed marvelously: out of a tense and an ill-humored man, he became such a tender and shining personality, that it's a real pleasure to watch him after Tantra! Now he pays much more attention to me, and it seems to me that he always desires me - which is a wonderful feeling! I am not so diligent in individual exercises, I perform only those that are to be done during the sexual intercourse. Before, I was so much afraid of becoming pregnant that the sexual intercourse was a real hell to me, far from a pleasure! Now, this nightmare is over, because there is no such a good contraception, as the one that could be created by our own body, by means of Tantra exercises."

V. L. (35 years, female)

"Before getting married, we were terrific in love. Our sexual life was fantastic. But the worries of marriage, children, job, all that has as if gradually killed in us the desire for pleasure. We made love more and more rarely, and it was far from those youth's ecstasies. I asked myself if it really had to be so. Finally even living together was endangered. Our children hold us together. My friend was persuading me to attend the Tantra seminar, and said that it could save my marriage. I decided to go, out of pure curiosity, but it didn't cross my mind to persuade my husband to go with me. The seminar opened plenty of new ideas and understandings to me, about how a high-quality sex influences the quality of the whole life. I understood why our love with years weakened instead of growing."

M. K. (55 years, male)

"During the last 7 years my potency weakened greatly. Although the desire was strong, erection would be completely absent. I became depressed and withdrawn. The relationship to my wife is good in other respects, and that's what hold us still together, but patience has an end. Besides, my wife was growing livelier and more demanding, and I - to the contrary. When she proposed me to go to the consultation, I knew I had no more choice. It was not easy to me to expose this problem in front of others, and I am not used to talk openly about these things. When we came to the consultation, it was difficult for me to recognize what tormented me. I was pleased, because in the conversation soon everything seemed quite normal. I left him in a much better mood and started applying the given instructions and exercises. It was unusual to practice "having it stiff", and in the next few days I noticed that my attitudes towards sexuality have greatly changed. After some days I applied a special dietary procedure following instructions. Next day I was beside myself in ecstasy. After seven years it "stood" again. I hurried to use it, forgetting the advised caution. That's why the next day a disappointment awaited me again. But I went on practicing diligently and following all the instructions more attentively. "The thing" stabilized after several weeks, to enormous pleasure of my wife and myself. I still have to take care how I behave in the intercourse, and to devote some time to the exercises, but it is really worth while. I regret we didn't know all that before."

Z. R. (27 years, male)

"Because of some childhood traumas, or because of a routine and harmless operation on the penis in the youth, it was not so good with girls as I wanted. During the first few minutes it would be all right, but then the erection started to weaken and it would remain half-stiff until the end. The doctors said everything is all right with me, but why isn't it stiff, they shrugged their shoulders. It was not easy for me to come to Tantra consultations. But it was worth while as I saw later. As I didn't have a girlfriend, I had to do the individual exercises. I had a firm erection after a few weeks already, and I could maintain it for 45 minutes. I felt warmth in the groins, and a powerful energy influx along the back up to the head during my practice. Sometimes I feel that stream of energy also throughout the day. Now I am much more self-assured in communication, and I think that it was this extra energy which helped me to pass a lot of difficult exams lately. Tantra awoke my interest for many other spiritual practices, because I see that everything is just a matter of exercise and work on oneself."

Z. S. (32 years, male)

"Now I see that I had quite a usual young people's problem, and that it's a shame that nowadays you can't get advice anywhere on how to solve it. Actually, there is Tantra now, but I regret all that time that is gone by, and I feel sorry for all those boys who don't know it yet. To cut the story short, I always used to come too quickly. Meeting a girl used to drive me so much, that it would often happen already before I have time to penetrate or immediately after that. And so nothing came out of it. I was ashamed. I started avoiding girls, lest to disgrace myself. I became withdrawn and somehow too indulgent. I must say that Tantra was a turning point in my life. I was best able to see it when I took part in the operation "Storm". We were in the rear lines, but the other guys were still afraid to go out on the sentinel and were getting drunk. I had to stimulate and encourage them, and then I realized I was different, resolute and self-assured. I haven't yet found a suitable girl, but now I'm sure I will perform the task properly."

E. T. (40 years, male)

"For me personally Tantra really was the integration of all the aspects of my nature. From my early youth I had spiritual aspirations, and somehow it seemed it went without saying that it can't be harmonized with sexual desires. I had already learned that sex was something low and unworthy of serious occupation. Although frequent masturbation in teenage years were a kind of a refuge and a fancied pleasure, later it seemed to me that they were the real reason of my reticence and social insecurity. Having set off on the "spiritual journey", I violently repressed my sexuality, but it didn't make me more communicative and sociable. Only after many years, due to a spiritual crisis, did I dare to consider other possibilities. Tantra offered closeness to people and promised the growth through sexuality. That idea came up just timely and immediately rendered me enthusiastic. After the first sexual intercourse's done according to Tantra principles, I felt I mastered both worlds. I was a master of both the material and spiritual world. I felt strong and great and close to the Self after a Tantra intercourse. Sexual desires which I used to experience as something hostile, something that torments me until I give up and begin to feel guilty and miserable as a sign of my still so imperfect nature, now they became overnight the opportunity to raise myself still higher towards the Divine. Having accepted Tantra and my sexuality I felt that all energies existing in me were united, that there were no more inner conflicts, that everything was leading me to the One same Goal. It was a wonderful transformation, and soon it has become a part of normality. What is constantly continuing and is always a source of a new enthusiasm, are always growing energy experiences during Tantra intercourse. I experienced plenty of meditative techniques, asanas and pranayamas, Sidhi techniques and many others, trying to purify my awareness, to comprehend my deeper nature. Now I can confidently say the experience of ecstasy reached by Tantra intercourse's surpasses everything I had ever experienced. I feel that being close to another human being, with the energy of our another half is the real way to awaken to the self, to the Life and to the World, to be masters of all the Universes."

R. F. (35 years, male)

"Out of curiosity I came with my wife to the introductory lecture on Tantra, and then I decided to have a personal consultation. We thought we didn't have any problems with sex, except that we used to be separated for several months due to the nature of my job, but we wanted to know something more. Listening to the lecture and then, on the consultation, I was astonished, having realized that much more was possible than what most people did and what was thought to be normal. I could hold out for ten minutes in the penetration and I thought it was quite satisfying. Of course, it was only sleep that I had in mind after the intercourse, but it also seemed normal to me. During the consultation, my wife declared that such behavior disturbed her, but never before I thought that anything else was possible. I behaved as I felt. That evening, immediately after consultation, my wife and I wanted to experience everything we heard and learnt. I managed to prolong the coitus to 40 minutes, and in the end I had the most powerful orgasm I have ever experienced. Besides, for the first time in my life I was not sleepy after the intercourse. I was vigorous and alert, satisfied with my success and continued talking to my wife and watched TV. It was really a completely new experience. I am very satisfied with the initial results, and I would like to achieve this famous orgasm without ejaculation. I think it is worth while to practice a little for the sake of that. Sex has become a completely new field of research."

J. S. (20 years, female)

"Since my early adolescence I have been practicing different methods of self-improvement. I often had wonderful experiences, but always asked myself, "What does it mean to experience bliss?" Is there really something so strong and ecstatic, that my skeptic mind could name as the experience of supreme enjoyment? When I suddenly found myself in the arms of a Tantra (a partner who gained mastery over Tantra sexual art), there was an explosion, the complete turning point - I EXPERIENCED THE SUPREME ECSTASY! There were no more doubts; I understood what the bliss was. From the moment he penetrated in me for the first time I felt the waves of warm nectar overwhelming my body and permeating it with sweetness. In every new intercourse I had more and more ecstatic experiences. I was totally lost and the only thought I was able to think in the pauses between orgasms was "that's the best day in my life". Now every day is the best. In the intercourse I experience the streaming of energy through the body, strong vibrations in the chakras, especially in the heart and head. I feel the energy that the partner managed to transform and to raise flowing from him to me. When our bodily movements are gentle the streaming is also very gentle, the warmth permeates every tiny part of my body, and it seems to have lost its boundaries. In the dynamic love play, the partner's strokes stimulate the bottom of my spine, the seat of kundalini energy, vagina and rump vibrate strongly in one rhythm, every stroke creates an energy lightening, rising abruptly along the spine. We have the best experiences while resting. When our bodies are completely settled we experience a powerful column of light growing from legs to head and filling us with the feeling of supreme ecstasy. Such a common orgasm we have several times in each intercourse. Life with Tantra is life in permanent bliss. The whole day is an endless Tantra relationship with the partner and the union comes as a spontaneous continuing and intensification of that endless enjoyment. Tantra never has an end. That's a constant bubbling and expansion of enjoyment and love, when you feel being the strongest and happiest person in the world, and your partner is your king, your Teacher and God, the eternal "source of a common love ecstasy."

V. C. (32 years, female)

"I have been practicing Tantra exercises for women for about one year. My menstrual cycle had been quite irregular, with pre-menstrual disturbances. Emotional instability, nervousness, excessive sensibility, pressure in the head, ill humor, was the symptoms noticeable already in the middle of the cycle. All that was more intense during one or two days before menstruation, with pains and spasms. Owing to regular practice the problem was gradually solved. Soon my cycle became a monthly cycle in the very sense of the word. Physical troubles were reduced to a minimum and the psychic instabilities became just a memory. Now it looks so: the interval between two menstruations is longer and the menstruation itself lasts shorter (1-2 days), (it is not out of pathologic reasons, but according to the theory of the practice). More energy, vitality and harmony throughout the day. The genitals and the body as a whole are strengthened. Concerning sexual experiences with the Tantra techniques: experiencing myself more deeply, on the finer energy levels, at the same time feeling permeating with the partner, with what surrounds me, leads me in a broader and broader way towards unity with all the cosmos. Inner harmony, happiness, and bliss are side effects. My former genital orgasm has turned into energizing and vitalizing of the whole body. Awakened sexual energy enriches my life from day to day, bringing love harmony, refined sexuality, emotional stability, self-respect, understanding of others and of events around me."

E.G. (39 years, male)

"I didn't think I had any problems in my sexual life and it seemed to me that women were satisfied with me. But I would often feel exhausted and empty after the intercourse, and for the next several days women used to get on my nerves, although my partner wanted more. One of the unexpected cognition about myself that I got on the seminar was that I have only few times in my life experienced the real orgasm. Until that I thought that the ejaculation was just that. I could count on my fingers the experiences when I had a feeling of an energy rise and a sort of ecstasy. Urged by the seminar I decided to practice in order to achieve the orgasm without ejaculation. Since the very beginning of the practice I was satisfied in the sense that I would feel like a lion when I was with my partner. The intercourse would last and last and she would watch me astonished - how long shall I keep on - and I knew I could keep on forever. It was a fantastic feeling. It seemed to me I could make love with battalions of women and I felt like screaming out of delight and power. When we would finally separate from each other I felt as if on top of the world. It was wonderful to be walking later through the town and to know that I would be able to satisfy all these women pressing around me. After a few months of the praxis, I started to feel, several times during one intercourse, powerful energy glows, starting from soles and ending somewhere above my head. This feeling would appear when I was on the edge of ejaculation, and then, through exercise, managed to redirect this impulse. I would feel the charge rising, like the electric charge, spreading in the form of stronger and stronger goose pimples and vibrations from legs over my back and belly. It would rise along the back up to my head and turn into a state of ecstasy and an enormous feeling of being overwhelmed by boundless happiness, and, I would say, by light. At once I would feel I was breathing the air, and only then I would realize that I hadn't been breathing all this time. My partner used to tell me after that I was looking like a god. She would also start to feel this burst and an energy rise, as soon as it would start in me. According to her descriptions, she seems to have even more fantastic experiences than I do. She says she's sometimes lost in infinity, and feels a state of unity. Such experiences become more and more often lately. The intercourse is always new and interesting, and what is the most important, I can always have more!"