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My Interests

Some of My Interests
These are all part of my life.


The Arts

The Art Nouveau style of Alphons Mucha is composed of charm and grace, delicacy and curves. He is perhaps the best known practitioner of the Art Nouveau movement in Europe around the turn of the 20th century.

It all started when I picked up my first copy of Heavy Metal in a bookstore across from the movie theater on Santa Monica Boulevard in the Spring of 1977. That became the Origns of My Obsession with graphic novels.


Computers and the Net are the future. Visit my Cyberculture Pages in this Web.

My Lifestyle

I enjoy travel and I have hiked almost every major trail in the U.S. (including the Appalachian and Pacific Crest along with part of the Continental Divide).

The God's do not subtract from man's allotted time the hours spent in sailing"
- unknown

I also love sailing and Living The Cruising Life aboard my Tanzer 7.5 sailboat, Dutch Nirvana. I have sailed the Caribbean Sea, the Sea of Cortez, the Gulf of Mexico, across the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea, and the Pacific on the West Coast and off Hawaii. My current anchorage and home port is in Cocoa, Florida on the Space Coast.