What Is Tantra?

Eastern cultures have been less frustrated by their sexuality than here in the West. They have been investigating and developing their sexual knowledge just as they have been developing science, art and spirituality. The outcome of all that investigation has been a discovery that the sexual act can be used for personal and spiritual development.

Humans naturally enjoy pleasure. In the East, it has been recognized that in a human being there exists a mechanism that urges him to sexual union and the resulting pleasure is the most natural way for the development of consciousness. That pleasure can be maximally intensified through the way of sexual ecstasy, "Tantra". Tantra is a direct way of touching the infinite, of touching God if you will. Through repetition of that experience we start to live the full potential of our humanness.

From the health perspective, there are some Tantric exercises that can free women from the discomforts connected with the menstrual cycle and menopause. Women can preserve energy that is usually wasted through menstruation. Other exercises allow women to control the experience of orgasm, to initiate it, spread it through the whole body and prolong it in time as much as they like.

For men, Tantric exercises allow them to keep their prostate gland healthy. Men can increase their sexual power, learn to control ejaculation and postpone it as long as they want. Finally they can succeed in separating the phenomena of orgasm from the discharging of semen. That means they can have long orgasms without loss of power.

The prolonged orgasm of women and men leads to a superior state of physiology that awakens all the healing powers of the body, integrates all aspects of personality and is the basis for higher states of consciousness. Having realized that stress and trauma are caused by lack of love and affection, and considering sexual union to be the most concentrated form of love, fulfilling sexual ecstasy through Tantra strengthens the immune system and makes us more resistant to stress and trauma. Fulfilling that ecstasy also enriches emotional relationships, as it increases energy, enthusiasm, zeal and motivation for greater spiritual consciousness.